About Us

Hotep and welcome to Knights of Imhotep.Knights of Imhotep is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting unity and empowerment to African brothers and sisters worldwide.Our ancestors laid out a foundation for us to follow so that we always know ourselves, here at Knights of Imhotep we promote our rich ancestral heritage and uphold the "Each one teach one" philosophy.

Knights of Imhotep is broken up into four sub blogs  for easier navigation .

 Provides educational resources for brothers and sisters to gain a better understanding of their heritage and how to deal current situations that we Africans face as a whole worldwide today.
Provides visual documentation for a wide range of subjects pertaining to african  history as well as scientific information relavent to all Africans today.
Provides visual documentation of vast legacy our ancestors left worldwide.Photographs of various artifact have been collected from museums and ancient sites worldwide. 
Promotes spirtual enlightenment through rites of passage systems based of Ancient African traditions.To access the lodge contact Asartehutiimhotep for further details.

Hotep shepsu,
Asar Tehuti Imhotep