New Ebooks coming in May

I'm currently in the process of completing the Grandmaster Teacher Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan Ebook collection will be available early next month.Complete Grandmaster Teacher Dr. Ivan Van Sertima ebooks collection will be finished by next week.Albert Churchward  Sings and Symbols of Primodial Man will be available in two weeks.I'm also currently in the process of putting together the "African Illumination survival pack" which will include ebooks from various grandmaster teachers and be a must have ebook pack for all Africans worldwide as we move towards the future and bring about the next African Golden Age worldwide. This next century is ours, we must become the builders again in order free our peoples worldwide and re-establish the Motherland(Alkebulan) as the dominant continent worldwide.It is on us to establish ourselves as a worldwide presence, we can not in any way rely on western intervention to help us liberate ourselves.The western world has to much to gain off our downfall and we must rise up and become the grandmasters we were born to be. Knights of Imhotep is dedicated to the cause and will continue to provide resouces to help our brothers and sisters free themselves worldwide from their oppressors.
Hotep shepsu,
Asar Tehuti Imhotep

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