Help make it mandatory that African History is taught in all K-12 curricula!

U.S. CONGRESS and Obama Administration: Make it MANDATORY that the History of the Black Experience, including the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, be taught in all K-12 curricula, and that it be funded through the U.S. Department of Education

To:  U.S. Congress and Obama Administration
We, the undersigned, demand that our nation’s lawmakers—the Barrack Obama administration and Congress—establish the history of the African Experience—including the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade—in the curricula of the nation’s public schools, and that it be treated with the same importance as the Jewish Holocaust and Heritage. The Jewish people were victims of a brutal experience under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and all Americans have been expected to support the legal, educational, and humanitarian requirement to study this history in our schools to ensure that the history of the Jewish experience is never forgotten and never repeated. Wide knowledge of this history has aided and motivated the Jewish people to accomplish and overcome this difficult past, so that today the Jewish people stand as examples and leaders in many areas of endeavor from culture, to science, to business.

The Africans’ Experience and the African Slave Trade must be treated with the same importance as the Jewish Experience, to ensure that this tragic history never takes place again in the history of man.

Furthermore, we, the undersigned, believe that at the root of our Black community’s tragic degradation is the vast knowledge gap between our past accomplishments and the problems of the present generation. After the Civil War, the newly emancipated slaves set up dozens of independent, self-governing “Black towns,” and they established schools, farms, and businesses for their own communities, yet more than a century and a half later Black communities across the nation face an increase in high school drop-out rates, increases in incarceration rates, and increased poverty, to name a few of the chronic social ills. Instead of declaring a national emergency and mobilizing nationally to find permanent solutions, America has made calculated efforts to remove Black history from textbooks and school curricula. This kind of destructive targeting of Jewish history would never be tolerated.

We, the undersigned, demand that our elected federal, state, and local officials, and especially our school boards, support this petition and act strongly to bring official attention to this crisis and to the history that preceded it. The greatness of the United States of America and the creation of its vast industrial complex are a direct result of the expertise, ingenuity, hard work, raw talent, and bloodshed of Black Americans over hundreds of years. The extent of their contribution is a well-kept secret to most Americans. The descendants of the enslaved, and the descendants of their enslavers, have all been deceived and purposely misled about this critical connection to the past.

We, the undersigned, believe that the books The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: Vols. 1 & 2, provide the critical knowledge link in the study of the American Slavery Experience. These books, published by the Nation of Islam, and based primarily on the research of Jewish historians, extensively document and properly interpret the Black experience in slavery and Jim Crow, and they reveal the very source of America’s current economic and political infrastructure. Also, Blacks and others have been taught that Jewish people “suffered like black people,” but this new information finally corrects our vision as to the true reason for today’s vast disparity in the social, political, and economic position of Black people as compared with their White and Jewish counterparts.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, join our Jewish counterparts in their commitment to “never again” allow the oppression and degradation of any people. We believe that only through requiring the accurate teaching of the great history of the Black Experience—just as the Jewish experience is taught to us—can America achieve the true greatness that has been denied to her. The survival of the Nation now depends on its knowledge and understanding of the rich history and heritage of the same people whose blood, sweat, and tears built everything that the United States prides itself on. Our nation’s leaders, from President Barrack Obama to our local school boards, must now mandate this curriculum change. This may very well be America’s final call to true change.

The Undersigned

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