Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan Hospitalized

One of Africa’s greatest scholars and historians is in Harlem Hospital after being found at home weak and malnourished.
Dr. Ben as he is affectionately called has been the name most “Conscious” folks site when discussing Egypt, Kemet, and the Nile River Valley however in his later years he has suffered health problems, abandonment, and financial woes while his unparalleled work continues to be the basis for many organizations dogma and fund raising efforts.

Dr. Ben one of our great elders,has been hospitalized,vistors came
found him ill then got him to the hospital…He shouldn’t be living alone…
Hospital info below…..In any way you can,show this elder some love.

“Yes Dr. Ben was taken back to the hospital last night after he was visited by some concerned community members they found him very weak and lethargic.
They called the ambulance and the attendants deemed he should be taken back to the hospital, he just got home little over a week ago.
Lets circle the wagon family and do whetever we can!!!!

Hospital Info
Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan is in
Harlem Hospital Center (13th floor)
506 Lenox Avenue - Rm 5157

I am asking all brothers and sisters available in the New York area to stop by the hospital and pay tribute to Dr.Ben.This man fought for over 60 years to restore our African History and Heritage.Their is no excuse for a Grandmaster Teacher like Dr. Ben to alone in the hospital and unsupported.Those that are available to visit,please bring food,drink, and money to help support Dr. Ben in his time of need.For those outside of the New York area, I will be seting up a collection to raise money for Dr. Ben.100% of the proceeds will be donated to Dr. Ben.I will have the collection set up very shortly,but in the meantime you can call the hospital and see where you can send donations to Dr. Ben.

Dr.Ben Donations 100% proceeds will go directly to Dr. Ben

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