Medu Neter (hieroglyhps)

Medu Neter is the oldest written language in History.Medu(Divine word) and Neter(etmology of the word Nature) is the nature of the divine word of God or God's writing.Medu Neter was created by Sheshat and Tehuti to explain the nature of the universe.The use of sign language was developed for the purpose of working the left(one sided) and the right(systematic) sides of the brain simultaneously, to fully unlock 100% of he brain,as opposed to the 10% that a majority of people use throuhout their lives.Medu Neter is a language based off the aspects in nature and their relationships to each other.In order to fully understand the symbols you must have an understanding of star systems, animals,plants,human anatomy,geometry,calculus,physics,chemistry,biology,measurements and their relationship to each other.

  Neterian Traditions
In order to understand the Medu Neter you must be familiar with Neterian Traditions.Resource materials can be found in the Knights of Imhotep E-book library.

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