1. The cautious man flourisheth, the exact one is praised; the innermost chamber openeth unto the man of silence. Wide 1 is the seat of the man gentle of speech; but knives are prepared against one that forceth a path, that he advance not, save in due season.
2. If thou sit with a company of people, desire not the bread that thou likest; short is the time of restraining the heart, and gluttony is an abomination;

p. 118
therein is the quality of a beast. A handful of water quencheth the thirst, and a mouthful of melon supporteth the heart. A good thing standeth for goodness, but some small thing standeth for plenty. 1 A base man is he that is governed by his belly; he departeth only when he is no longer able to fill full his belly in men's houses.
3. If thou sit with a glutton, eat with him, then depart (?).
If thou drink with a drunkard, accept--drink--and his heart shall be satisfied.
Refuse not meat when with a greedy man. Take that which he giveth thee; set it not on one side, thinking that it will be a courteous thing.
4. If a man be lacking in good fellowship, no speech hath any influence over him. He is sour of face toward the glad-hearted that are kindly to him; he is a grief unto his mother and his friends; and all men--cry--, "Let thy name be known; thou art silent in thy mouth when thou art addressed!"
5. Be not haughty because of thy might in the

p. 119
midst of thy young soldiers. Beware of making strife, for one knoweth not the things that the God will do when He punisheth.
The Vizier caused his sons and daughters to be summoned, when he had finished the rules of the conduct of men. And they marvelled when they came to him. Then he said unto them, "Hearken unto everything that is in writing in this book, even as I have said it in adding unto profitable sayings." And they cast themselves on their bellies, and they read it, even as it was in writing. And it was better in their opinion than anything in this land unto its limits.
Now they were living when His Majesty, the King of upper and lower Egypt, Heuni, departed, and His Majesty, the King of upper and lower Egypt, Senforu, was enthroned as a gracious king over the whole of this land.
Then was Ke'gemni made Governor of his city and Vizier.

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