Shetaut Waset

Hymns to AMUN
a selection

Leiden Papyrus
I 350 - ca.1213 BCE

Chapter 80
1     80th Chapter.
       The Eight
(1) were Your first manifestation (2),
       until You completed these, You being Single
       Secret was Your body among the elders,
5     and You kept Yourself hidden as Amun,
       at the head of the gods.

       You made Your manifestations in Tatenen
       to accompany the primeval ones in Your first primeval time.
       Your beauty arose as the Bull of His Mother
(5) .
       You withdrew as the one in the sky, enduring as Re.
10   You returned in fathers, maker of their sons,
        to make an excellent heritage for Your children.

        You began manifestation with nothing,
        without the world being empty of You on the first occasion
        All gods came into existence after You ... [remainder lost]

Chapter 90

 1     [90th Chapter]
        The Ennead
(1) combined is Your body.
        Every god joined in Your body, is Your image.
        You emerged first, You inaugurated from the start.
5      Amun, whose name is hidden from the gods.
        Oldest elder, more distinguished than these,
        Tatenen, who formed [Himself] by Himself as Ptah
        The toes of His body are the Eight
        He appeared as Re, from Nun
(4), so that He might rejuvenate.
10    He sneezed, [as Atum, from] His [mouth and gave birth to]
        Shu and Tefnut
(5), combined in manifestation.
        He appears on His throne as His heart prompts.
        Who, through His [power], rules for Himself all that is.
        Who binds together for Himself the kingship for ever,
15    down to eternity, established as Sole Lord

        Light was His coming into existence on the first occasion,
        with all that exists in stillness for awe of Him.
        He honked by voice, as the Great Honker,
        coming into a land that He created for Himself,
        while He was Alone.
20    He began speaking in the midst of silence,
        opening every eye and causing them to look.
        He began crying out while the world was in stillness,
        His yell circulated while He had no second,
        so that He might give birth to what is and cause them to live,
25    and cause every man to know the way to walk.
        Their hearts live when they see Him.
        His are the effective forms of the Ennead.

Chapter 100

     100th Chapter.
        The One who initiated existence on the first occasion,
        Amun, who developed in the beginning,
        whose origin is unknown.

5      No god came into being prior to Him.
        No other god was with Him who could say what He looked like.
        He had no mother who created His name.
        He had no father to beget Him or to say : "This belongs to me."
        Who formed His own egg.
        Power of secret birth, who created His (own) beauty

10    Most Divine God
(2), who came into being Alone.
        Every god came into being since He began Himself. 

Chapter 200

1      200th Chapter.
        Secret of manifestations and sparkling of shape.
        Marvellous God, rich in forms.
        All gods boast of Him,
5      to magnify
(1)  themselves in His beauty,
        to the extent of His Divinity.
        Re himself is united with His body.
        He is the great one in Heliopolis.
        He is called Tatenen.
        Amun, who comes out of the Nun,
        to guide the peoples

10    Another of His forms are the Eight,
        primeval one of the primeval ones, begetter of Re.
        He completed himself as Atum,
        being of one body with him.
        He is the Universal Lord,
        who initiated that which exists.

        His Soul
(3), they say, is the one who is in the sky.
15    He is the one who is in the netherworld,
        foremost of the East.
        His Soul is in the sky, His body in the West.
        His statue is in southern Heliopolis,

elevating His body (4).

        One is Amun,
        who keeps Himself concealed from them,
        who hides Himself from the gods,
        no one knowing His nature.
20    He is more remote than the sky,
        He is deeper than the netherworld.

        None of the gods knows His true form.
        His image is not unfolded in the papyrus rolls.
        Nothing certain is testified about Him.

25    He is too secretive
        for His Majesty to be revealed,
        He is too great to be enquired after,
        too powerful to be known.

        People immediately fall face to face into death
        when His Name is uttered
        knowingly or unknowingly.
        There is no god able to invoke Him by it.
        He is Soul-like, hidden of name, like His Secrecy.

Chapter 300

     300th Chapter.
        All the gods are three :
        Amun, Re and Ptah, without their seconds.
        His identity is hidden as Amun,
5      He is Re as face, His body is Ptah.
        Their towns are on earth, fixed for the span of eternity :
        Thebes, Heliopolis and Memphis are established perennially.
        When a message is sent from the sky, it is heard in Heliopolis,
        and repeated in Memphis for the god-with-the-beautiful-face
10    put in a report, in Thoth's writing
        directed to the town of Amun, bearing their concerns,
        and the matter is answered in Thebes,
        by an oracle emerging, intended for the Ennead.
        Everything that comes from His mouth,
15    the gods are bound by it, according to what has been decreed.
        When a message is sent, it is for killing or for giving life.
        Life and death depend on Him for everyone,
        except for Him, Amun, together with Re, [and Ptah] : total, 3.

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